Terms and Conditions

  1. All quotes are valid for 3 days unless extended by Tickles and Giggles and subject to change and availability until a 50% deposit is made. By booking with Tickles and Giggles, you are agreeing to our T&C.
  2. All payments to be paid by cash, credit card or cheque payable to Tickles and Giggles Trading LLC.
  3. 50% deposit for event and date confirmation with balance to be paid in the event date.
  4. Clients should call to confirm the final number of kids attending 2 days before the party.
  5. Tickles and Giggles will charge for number of kids confirmed by the client and any additional kids arriving on the day. Toddlers are 1 year old or less.
  6. Tickles and Giggles party room will be setup based on the number of kids confirmed by the client. Kids food and drinks will be provided based on the confirmed number of kids. On average, we will provide 1 staff for every 4 kids.
  7. Tickles and Giggles should be granted sufficient time for setup before the event and client is expected to provide approvals for site access in advance. The wooden tables and chairs provided are not new and might have some scratches in some areas. Kindly check on booking the party.
  8. All items provided are under the ownership of tickles and Giggles Trading. Any damaged items will be charged to the client.
  9. Tickles and Giggles recommends clients to obtain insurance for their events.
  10. Tickles and Giggles will not be held responsible for any weather related or government related delays or postponement for an event. No refunds for cancellations before 48 hours of the event.
  11. In case of an event postponement by the clients, Tickles and Giggles will charge for any expenses incurred. The remaining balance would be allocated for a future date. 50% of deposit will be deducted if cancellation within 7 days.
  12. In case of an event cancellation by the client, all expenses incurred by tickles and Giggles plus 10% of full party value as management fee would be deducted from the deposit. No refund if cancelled within 7 days of event.
  13. Tickles and Giggles will honor every booking; however in circumstances beyond our control we may withdraw an offer or cancel/postpone a booking. Full refund will be provided.
  14. Tickles and Giggles will not be held responsible for any damage caused to property or injury caused to guest during any outdoor event.