Tickles and Giggles want to encourage your child to reach his or her full potential by providing a wide array of age-appropriate activities for your child to choose from. Each of our activities are designed to be both entertaining and educational. We want to bring out the very best in each individual child.

Enjoy early childhood music program as we introduces music to very young children in a way they can easily understand and enjoy. Our instructors are motivated by their love of music and the passion to transfer their knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine. Classes’ starts as early as 3.5 years old and we provide students of all ages and the highest quality music education.

Dancing is a great fun for the children and it helps also coordination, fitness sense of rhythm, musicality, and self-expression and promotes self-discipline and confidence. Our ballet classes are from children from 2.5years old to 15 years old and we follow the RAD syllabus. Our classes give children a route to creative learning and expression, which in turn help to boost self-esteem.

To protect one-self, one must find a method that will give the weak the power to defend himself against strong opponents. Karate is all about discipline, training the mind and strengthening the body and improves co-ordination. Our karate classes are from 3 year old to 12 year old and we are approved by Ministry of Youth and Sports. We develop the senses, increase the awareness and learn the techniques.

Tickles and Giggles is proud to offer an expansive play area for girls and boys of all ages. Our play area is designed to encourage creativity and imagination by providing a safe, clean and comfortable place for children to unwind, relax and have some fun.

The staff here at T&G knows that playing is an important part of a child’s development. It is a way for a child to learn new things, express themselves, exercise their creative thoughts and explore the world. To this end, we offer spaces for structured activities, such as arts and crafts, as well as unstructured free play. No matter what your child chooses to do, they will have the opportunity to do it here at Tickles and Giggles.

While our play area is designed to be safe for children to play independently, adults are always welcome to join in the fun. Visit today and see our play area for yourself!