Professional Events

There is nothing quite like a good party. We know, because we throw them on a regular basis. Whilst we are well known in the industry for hosting unforgettable children’s parties, we have recently become the ‘go to’ events company for a number of high international brands such as Gucci, Cartier, Phillips and Pampers, to name a few. By expanding our business to include professional parties and corporate events, we welcome the opportunity to work with new and established brands to create parties or events that will become the talk of the town. Please fill out inquiry form and we will contact you with further information.

Outdoor Services

T&G offers a range of services for events setup and management in Dubai, UAE. We provided expert events managers with international and regional events management experience along with Stage equipment rental and setup. We provide a huge range of design stage equipment that are suitable for various types of events. Also professional sound systems for indoor and outdoor usage ensures the best acoustic quality for your event, whether it is a huge concert, or a private party, or a conference or gala dinner. Furthermore, we have a large options of stage lights for rental in Dubai and the UAE for indoor and outdoor events.

We specialize in Live events entertainment were we offer wide range of live entertainment shows and performances for various professional entertainers and performers. Singing shows, dancing shows, musical shows, team building activities, flying drummers, flame drummers, singers, jazz, oriental, country, Arabic singers and much more.

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At Tickles and Giggles, supporting local charities is an integral part of what we do. Whether it’s offering free services, discounted prices or implementing a revenue sharing strategy, we provide the support a charity needs to host a memorable event at affordable rates. Over the years we have partnered with some of Dubai’s most established charities such as Dubai Autism, x and x. For further information about our revenue sharing strategy or to enquire about our special ‘charity’ rates, please fill our enquiry form and we will get back to you with further information :

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School Fairs & Services

T&G has been working for schools for the past six years where we’ve been offering our services for Winter Fairs, Christmas Fairs, National Day and may other school related events on a revenue share. Service includes bouncy castles, kiddie rides, popcorn machine, cotton candy machines, stage shows, game booths, entertainment stations and event management. Call us today at 044328681 and we’re happy to customized your event as per your requirement and budget.

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Our exclusive Tickles and Giggles venue in Dubai offers two party room options for events and birthday parties. If you wish to host an outdoor party or event, or would like for Tickles and Giggles to host a party at your home, we can help!

All of our party packages can be hosted indoors or out door, according to your wishes.

Contact our staff (link) to book your next outdoor event. We look forward to hearing from you!


Tickles and Giggles is the premiere children’s boutique and party location in Dubai, UAE. We are looking to expand! Where will our new location be? Wherever you are!

When you become a T&G franchisee, you receive all of the benefits of our reputation as the leader in kids birthday parties, salon services and educational activities. Enjoy an established customer base and well-known children’s brand. We have done the work for you. Join in our success!

To learn more about our exciting franchise options, contact us. (Link to contact page/info for franchise locations)